Thai Herbal Laxative123


123 Natural Herbal Laxative

Size: 6 x 10 capsules

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123 Laxative is the laxative made from the natural herb by the traditional textbook. For those ones who have the problem about pimples caused by the imbalance health.

Laxative 123 helps you to reduce the problem.


Adult 1 or 2 Capsules once a day at bedtime

How to Eat:

Laxative 123 has laxative, relieve from bound belly, waste, blending of herb such as Thai Samor Samortate, Black pill, one tablet prior sleep then drinking warm water for good laxative like detoxification.

Laxative 123 can’t eat in the daytime, should be eaten prior sleep if you are working in the nighttime you are eating prior sleep at daytime, medicine will be active during sleep and when wake up is easy to excrete.


Thai Samor (Myrabolan Wood) 25 g

Samor Deengu (Yellow myrobalan) 25 g

Rongthong (Hanbury’s Garcinia) 5 g

Samortate (COMBRETACEAE) 25 g

Black drug (Aloe barbardensis Mill.) 25 g




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