2x Trinolone Oral Paste


Size: 5 g


Contains triamcinolone acetonite mixed in an oral wax. Aphthous ulcers or mouth ulcers are symptoms of inflammation of the soft lining inside the mouth.

Sometimes it can be a fairly deep inflammatory wound. The incision site can be seen throughout the mouth. Whether it is a cheek bulge, palate, gums, tongue, etc.

Causes can be many such as changes in the body’s immune system, such as during menstruation when hormones in the body are changed, stress accumulated, drinking too little Not getting enough rest, pressure ulcers, or rubbing from dentures that are too loose. Or braces do not fit in teeth, etc.

How to use:

Squeeze the drug on your fingertips approximately 0.5 inches and apply the wound area in the mouth by wiping it into a thin film over the wound.


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