2 x AHA 70×2 Double Body White Cream


Size: 2 x 500ml


AHA 70% Cream white accelerated double white x2 formula the best white. Help to clear problems black neck, black knee, black groin, buttocks, arms, legs, black skin, skin color dull irregular, the skin is not bright, 70% pineapple body cream on white background AHA SPF 100 PA ++ 500 ml. Vitamin C Pineapple Cream with AHA helps condition smooth skin. Calms itchy skin hides dark spots, absorbs very quickly into the skin, and helps dull and irregular skin. Removes dead skin and cleanses your skin deeply. Sun protection, give you an even and soft complexion.

Directions: After cleansing, apply the cream to the problematic areas, and gently massage in.