Ammeltz Yoko Yoko Menstrual Heat Pad


package : 3 pcs / pack


Ammeltz Heat Patch GOLD – Period Pain Air-activated heat patch generates heat up to 50C. The natural therapeutic heat will last for 11 hours & helps relieve period pain. The warming effect lasts for 11 hours to relieve pain and stiffness. Simply stick on clothing or underwear around the base, heat will spread through the area and penetrate to the source of pain. Effectively improve blood circulation, and relieve stiffness and muscular pain. Thin and simple design that can be used at anywhere and anytime.

How to use: Stick the pads on the top of your underwear for around 5-8 hours. Do not use the heating pads while sleeping as you will not be able to monitor the heat level. Remove the pad immediately if it gets too hot.

Size: 95 * 130 mm