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Androcur 50 mg

Size: 50 tablets

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Androcur tablets 50 mg are used to treat inoperable prostate cancer (carcinoma of the prostate), a tumour that is dependent on androgens (male hormones like testosterone) to grow.  Androcur tablets 50mg are also used to control libido in severe hypersexuality and/or sexual deviation in adult males to reduce sex drive and sexual aggression in sex offenders.

Androcur 50mg can also be used, in conjunction with oestrogen supplements as part of the feminisation process for male to female transsexuals.

How does Androcur work?

Androcur tablets 50mg contain cyproterone, which is an anti-androgen that blocks the biological effects of androgens, like the male hormone testosterone, on cells containing androgen receptors.  Prostate cancer is an androgen-dependent tumour, which means that it needs testosterone to grow.  Cyproterone in Androcur 50mg binds to the androgen receptors on the tumour cells blocking the action of testosterone, which then cannot bind to the cells and stimulate the tumour cells to grow, thereby protecting the prostate from the effect of androgens.

Androcur tablets 50mg block biological effects of androgen on other cells with androgen receptors, such as reducing the production of male hormones in the testes, which reduces aggression and increased sex drive (hypersexuality), caused by over-production of testosterone, and the effects are reversible.  Blocking the effects of androgens is also a means of promoting feminisation in transgender hormone therapy for male to female transsexuals.

Size: 50 tablets



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