Banna Hot and Fast Body Firming Massage Cream


Massage Cream for cellulite

Size: 2 x 500g

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Banna Hot and Fast Body Firming Massage Cream

Banna Hot and Fast Body Firming Massage Cream for cellulite. For the correction of problem areas on the body and skin tightening in a short time. The cream is made on the basis of a complex composition of Thai medicinal herbs and plants, including chili, which eliminates fat deposits and cellulite.

The cream has a rejuvenating effect. The ingredients present in the composition stop the aging process.

Made from natural ingredients. The composition includes herbs that reduce the appearance of cellulite. They break down excess fat. Contribute to skin smoothing. Stimulate the natural production of collagen. They start the work of metabolic controlling mechanisms.

As a result of using the cream, the skin becomes silky and pleasant to the touch. The feeling of dryness disappears. Elasticity, elasticity is restored.

Method of application: a small amount of cream is applied to problem areas. Evenly distributed over the surface of the skin. Then rub in with massaging movements until completely absorbed. Its action is accompanied by tingling at the site of the application. Redness may occur on the skin within minutes after use.


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