Blue Thai Boxing Shorts


Product Dimensions: 0 (W) X 0 (L) X 0 (H) cm.


Product type: Thai Boxing Shorts

Material: Micro Fiber Fabric

Color: Blue


– Size S: Waist 66 cm, Hip 110 cm, Length 37 cm

– Size M: Waist 70 cm, Hip 114 cm, Length 40 cm

– Size L: Waist 74 cm, Hip 120 cm, Length 42 cm

Remarks :

– Lightweight, sweat-free, and quick dry.

– Machine washable

Weight: 202 g.

Muay Thai is a fighting sport that has the beginnings of ancient art and ancient traditions, as well as a popular Thai national sport around the world.

Nuea Mek is branded as a premium Thai Boxing shorts with a soft, comfortable to have a Thai tradition

We are the Muay Thai brand that is serious about quality.

Our products are made in Thailand with a high-quality standard of fabric.