Breast Enlargement Supplement


Size: 100 capsules


YA CAPSULE GUAO KRUA BIO (Pueraria Mirifica)

Natural and Safe from Thai’s Local Plant, Help increasing Breasts’ for 1 or 2 sizes if used daily. Probably the result will be around 3-6 months.

Dosage: Adult; take 1 capsule once a day at bedtime

Ingredients: each capsule contains (250 mg.) Pueraria Mirifica 85.5 mg., Boesenbergia pandurata 66.5 mg., Eugenia caryophyllus 28.5 mg., Glycyrrhiza glabra 9.5 mg. FYI


Maximum Dose per day is 3 caps.

Not suitable for people who have breast tumors, thyroid issues, and uterus issues.


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