Concon Thailand Wart Spot


Size: 15ml


* With Salicylic Acid 25%, it is a substance that reduces warts, including patients who are pregnant and in the mouth, apply dots 1 time a day until the tissue is white. Discontinue use to remove warts in hands and feet and body.
User Manual:
* Clean the area where the acne needs to be applied, then pat dry. – – Dot 1 small amount, just enough to apply on acne-prone skin. Use 2-3 times/ Use. – – After applying 2-3 days, the acne skin will tighten, and the scales begin to peel off. About 3-5 days will have a noticeable effect.
* Please note that you should dot for nine kernels, please peel them off. The Thai Toad Beats Without Surgery.
* With just 1 bottle, it will be enough to remove acne, effective after 5-7 days of use. – – Safer, more economical than warts.