DEMA Hair Growth Serum


Serum to accelerate hair growth DEMA HAIR CARE Hair Growth Serum

Size: 60ml



DEMA Hair Growth Serum.

Size: 60ml

Serum to accelerate hair growth DEMA HAIR CARE Hair Growth Serum – A means for a threefold increase in the rate of hair growth.

The serum acts gently does not weigh down the hair, and does not cause discomfort or fat, has a light aroma and efficiency. The product is suitable for eyebrows and beards, with regular use quickly and effectively solves the problem of hair loss, protects against the effects of a hairdryer, cold, sun, dry air, hard water, styling products.

A special complex that includes the necessary vitamins, oils, and natural plant extracts gives a visible effect after a week of use: hair growth accelerates 3 times, the roots become stronger and stronger, due to the active blood circulation around the bulbs, hair loss stops, itching of the scalp calms down, passes dandruff.


Purified water, BHA-acid, ginseng root extract, triclosan, ethyl alcohol, pyrrolidone carbonate, a complex of essential amino acids, a complex of extracts of Thai cereal plants, fragrance.

Mode of application:

  • apply a small amount to the roots of the hair/eyebrows, massage
  • use daily



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