2 x Dr.Eric Slimming Hot Cream


Anti-Cellulite Hot Slimming Cream

Size: 2 x 500g




Dr.Eric Slimming Hot Cream.

Dr.Eric Slimming Hot Cream Anti-Cellulite Hot Slimming Cream is based on natural ingredients. Contains caffeine-coenzyme A. in its composition. Has a warming effect. Significantly enhances blood microcirculation, stimulates metabolism, a special active cream formula contributes to the effective burning of fat and the removal of toxins. Models the silhouette, smoothes, and smoothes the bumpy surface of the skin. Provides a reduction in the volume of the abdomen, hips, and other problem areas that helps in the fight against cellulite eliminates the effect of the orange peel. The active beneficial components of the cream stimulate the cell renewal process, perfectly soften, tighten and smooth the skin, make it more elastic and elastic, prevent the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin, characteristic of the weight loss process.

Method of application: It is applied to problem areas with massage movements once a day.




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