Hemp Dietary Supplement Product (CDZ)


Size: 3 x 10 sachets


Important components

  • Collagen dipeptide from fish (Fish collagen dipeptide)

Collagen extract from freshwater fish, Fish Collagen Dipeptide, helps reduce wrinkles caused by UVB rays and increases skin moisture. There is increasing scientific evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of collagen dipeptide in relation to skin physiology and aging, such as skin water loss, elasticity, and wrinkles. Including improving glucose tolerance, wound healing, and joint pain (H.-J. Lee et al. 2019)

  • Hemp leaves (without inflorescences and shoots) (CANNABIS SATIVA L. SUBSP. SATIVA)

Cannabis sativa L. The female inflorescences are often used medicinally. This is because they contain high amounts of Δ 9 -tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ 9 -THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), while the leaves are a source of fiber and flavonoids. which helps increase moisture and Tightness to the skin It also has antioxidant properties. (Antioxidant) helps reduce cholesterol levels in the bloodstream. Helps blood cells not clump together until they become clogged. Prevent cancer and is an antimicrobial substance (Li et al. 2022)

  • Theanine (L-Theanine)

L-theanine is an amino acid that the human body cannot produce on its own. It was first extracted from green tea. It has many biological functions such as antioxidant, immune, and anti-inflammatory. It has also been found that L-theanine can help reduce mental stress (Chen et al. 2023).

  • Black Sesame extract sesamum indicum L. seed water

Black sesame is rich in various minerals and vitamins. Found sesamin in black sesame seeds that helps fight free radicals. Has anti-inflammatory effects on bones and joints. and resists cancer as well (Xu, Chen, and Hu 2005)

  • Blueberry powder BLUEBERRY POWER (vaccinium cary mbosam L.)

Bilberry is a fruit in the berry family. They look similar to blueberries but are smaller. Previous studies have indicated that bilberries contain high levels of phenolic compounds that can inhibit the carcinogenic process. spread of cancer and tumor growth in the body (Mauramo et al. 2021)


American cranberry Vaccinium macrocarpon contains fiber and polyphenols. Cranberry extract rich in polyphenols and thereby prevent food-induced obesity. insulin resistance and intestinal inflammation as well (Khoo et al. 2022)


Raspberry fruit has been used in traditional medicine to treat wounds, kidney disease, inflammation and infections. Raspberries are a rich source of vitamin C and also contain a lot of polyphenols. especially This includes antioxidants. Anti-tumor effect and anti-diabetic effect of raspberry extract (Mannino et al. 2022)


Strawberries are fruits that are high in vitamin C. Create collagen for the skin It is also a rich source of polyphenols and various active ingredients. Helps improve cholesterol in adults who are overweight or obese. and control blood vessel function Visceral fat and hyperlipidemia (Richter et al. 2022)

  • Sodium Ascorbate (SODIUM ASCORBATE)

Ascorbic acid derivatives can stimulate collagen synthesis. It also helps reduce inflammation. It helps regulate high blood sugar levels and also provides relaxation for people who are stressed or depressed (Ferreira, Vitorino, and Fortuna 2022).


Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla L.) is a traditional medicinal plant used to treat hay fever, inflammation, and muscle spasms. Menstrual irregularities, insomnia, gastrointestinal ulcers, rheumatic pain, and hemorrhoids (SY Lee, Ferdinand, and Siow 2022)

  • Zinc Amino Acid Chelate

Poor absorption of zinc results in zinc deficiency. Can lead to anorexia Immunocompromised state slow down growth and intellectual disability in people, especially infants and children. Zinc chelate has received increasing attention. Because it is more easily absorbed It is stable against digestion and other nutrient disturbances (Zheng et al. 2023).

  • Vitamin D3 (Vitamin D3)

Vitamin D3 is a fat-soluble vitamin involved in regulating calcium metabolism. Resists infection and modulates the immune system Prevent respiratory disease It can be seen that the problem of vitamin D3 deficiency not only affects bone strength. It also affects the immune system. that plays an important role in the results of treatment for respiratory infections, including COVID-19 (Ubaldi et al. 2023).

How to eat: Eat 1 sachet per day.