HIRSUIT Hair Serum


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Hirsuit Hair serum

The serum reduces the loss of hair and stimulates the regeneration of hair. Merging vitamin complexes that help nourish the hair roots and hair for good health, for good results should be used continuously for at least 4 months.
-Capillx (caplxyl)
The important active ingredient in Hersut That proved to be able to actually reduce hair loss By inhibiting the enzyme alpha trap retardation that causes hair loss And also have the added innovation of Extra Cellular Matrix Protein.
The hair follicle helps to increase protein, collagen, and laminin. Makes the hair strong, the hair roots do not scare hair to look thicker.
-Sync PCA helps reduce oiliness on the scalp. And has antibacterial properties And yeast helps to reduce dandruff and itching on the scalp.
-Biotin helps hair regeneration Increases the strength of the hair root And reduces the fall.
-Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B5 Help stimulate circulation in the scalp area. Stimulate hair growth Helps soften hair Shiny and healthy.