HIRSUIT Hair Tonic


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HIRSUIT Hair Tonic

– Anti-Hair Loss of hair tonic.
– Fortifies and repair the damaged structure of hair follicles. 
– Enhances hair growth. 
– Prevention & treatment of hair loss
Hirsuit is a lotion that helps in both the prevention & treatment of hair loss. It has a natural DHT blocker effect by inhibits 5-αlpha reductase, prompting hair to enter the growth stage and reduces the effects of hair loss. 
Hirsuit helps in increasing blood flow to the scalp and stimulates Oxygen uptake of the capillaries which leads to reduce damaging of hair caused by inflammation. It is also formulated to revitalize, initiate hair growth, and increase the thickness of each strand of hair for both men and women.
How to use:
1. Wash your hair thoroughly with a mild shampoo. Wipe until dry hair
2. Spraying the Hirsuit spray on the scalp area where hair loss, hair loss, thin hair, baldness, and nearby areas Or areas with problems all over
3. Use morning-evening every day
4. Massage the scalp gently. With fingertips for 2 – 5 minutes. Allow the drug to penetrate into the scalp.
5. For clear results, use Hirsuit Hair tonic for at least 3 consecutive months.