Hot and Fast Body Firming Massage Cream Banna


Size: 500 g


Banna Hot and Fast Body Firming Massage Cream for Cellulite. For the correction of problem areas on the body and skin tightening in a short time. The cream is made on the basis of a complex composition of Thai medicinal herbs and plants, including chili, which eliminates fat deposits and cellulite.

After using the cream:

-fat deposits in problem areas disappear;
-the skin is noticeably tightened;
-Stretch marks “go away”;
-weight is reduced;
-metabolic processes in the body are triggered;
-excess water is removed;
-the skin receives fortified nutrition.
-The cream has a rejuvenating effect. The ingredients present in the composition stop the aging process.

As a result of using the cream, the skin becomes silky and pleasant to the touch. The feeling of dryness disappears. Elasticity, and elasticity is restored.