KA Smooth & Fresh Body Lotion


Fresh scented Body lotion.

Size: 430g

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Size: 430g

 Fresh scented Body lotion. Nourishing the skin that enriched with natural extracts. Help hydrate and soften your skin up to 4X.

  • X1 CENTELLA ASIATICA:  Enhances and stimulates the creation of Collagen and Elastin in the skin layers. Repair and rejuvenate skin cells to be healthy, Firming, and more flexible. Moisturize the skin. Reduce skin inflammation.
  • X2 ALOE VERA: Moisturizes the skin. Help to reduce skin inflammation, skin shooting, and nourish your skin.
  • X3 SHEA BUTTER: Moisturizer helps protect skin water loss. Improve skin elasticity. Accelerates the skin cell turnover and make skin bright, soft, and smooth.
  • X4 VITAMIN E:  It’s an Anti-oxidant to protect the skin from free radicals. Maintain moisture and increase skin flexibility. Revitalizing the skin to be soft, smooth, and white radiant.

Description:  Apply the lotion all over your body.