KA White Clear Cream


Double Whitening Cream

Size: 45g


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Concentrated skin nourishing cream, with delicate texture, CurCu White™ can brighten your skin and Vitamin B3 helps lighten your skin, reduces dark spots, enriched with Vitamin E and Moisturizer to replenish moisture and smooth sensation to your skin with UVA and UVB protection.

Wrinkle reduction formula: Get Perfect facial skin……Brighter and more Youthful-Looking Skin

KA White Clear Cream, a light but enriched with CurCu White™, derived from turmeric which provided an active ingredient in skin tone lightening formulation, resulting in a brighter and fairer complexion.  It offers an effective antioxidant to prevent premature wrinkles. Your skin will look younger and glowing with regular use.

Directions: Apply the cream all over your face and neck every day.