Koconae Coconut Oil Soap Bar


Size: 4 x 100g


Koconae Coconut Oil Soap Bar.

Coconut oil soap bar enriched with triclosan, extra virgin coconut oil, and milky rice yielding soft and gentle bubbles with a refreshing smell.

**** Koconae Coconut Oil Body Soap Bar is the best blend of Thai Pride! (All-time best seller).

The first moment when you open the packaging of Koconae pure white soap bar, it will impress you with this amazing sweet aromatic blend between the most famous ‘Thai pride, ‘Jasmine Rice’ extract, and Koconae’s signature extra virgin coconut oil.

This soap does its cleaning job very effectively and also your skin will get nourished by Koconae’s natural premium-grade ingredients; resulting in freshly clean, healthy skin, and an aromatic scent and sensation that will lift you up every time you use it.