L-Carnitine 2g/5ml-Ratiopharm


Size: 10 amps

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Liponsaure-Ratiopharm 5g originally imported from Italy.
This slimming is rich in chlorogenic acid that blocks fat absorption and activates fat metabolism in the liver. It can help curb your crazy cravings and drooling over the food, reduce fat and carbohydrate absorption as well as enhance fat metabolism.
It definitely reduces body weight and visceral fat too! Losing weight and getting fit can be a challenge in life where outward appearance carries a lot of importance in our personal and sometimes in our professional life. With the Liponsaure-Ratiopharm 5g, you can get healthier, leaner and fitter much easier.
Prepare to have smaller hip and waist after inject of Liponsaure-Ratiopharm 5g.

10 ampoules per box, each ampoules 5ml.




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