Lime Sakura & Berries Bright Serum


Size: 6 x 8g

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This radiance-boosting lime sakura & berries bright serum is enriched with skin-nourishing ingredients such as lime that is infused with aha to help gently exfoliate inactive skin cells for a plump appearance. in addition, it also helps diminish premature wrinkles and enhances skin radiance with vitamin c benefits from cherry blossom extract for the naturally rosy complexion. moreover, it also contains the blend of 10 types of berries such as acai berry, blackberry, black currant, blueberry, cranberry, Rasberry, strawberry, bare berry, and goji beery which are enriched with anti-oxidants to help rejuvenate dull and damaged skin while reducing dark spots for a naturally smooth, glowing and healthy look.

HOW TO USE: twist open the cap and squeeze a good amount of lime sakura & berries bright serum. Then apply it across the face and neck, and apply more on dull and damaged areas. it is recommended to use regularly in the morning and night for maximum effectiveness. close the cap tightly after each use.

CAUTION: stop using and seek medical treatment if any signs of abnormality appear.