NO.7 Cheer Up Essential Oil Roller


Size: 8ml


NO.7 Cheer Up Essential Oil Roller

No.7 Oil Roller is a super relaxing blend to pop in your pocket, little pocket or close at hand just when you need something instantly release the gloom and sadness and that fogs up your wonderful mind. It contains therapeutic power of pure essential oils from Lemon, Grapefruit, Lime, Cornmint, Eucalyptus and Sweet Orange, in a conveniently carry-away sizing.

Scent : A big-time tangy happiness of Lemon, Sweet Orange, Grapefruit and Lime along with a clean sensory of Mint and cooling effect of Eucalyptus, resembles a walk in an orange orchard on a high mountain during your beautiful morning light.

– Lemon helps calm a mind agitated by negativity.
– Grapefruit helps uplift spirit and boosts optimism.
– Lime helps promote liveliness of mind.
– Cornmint helps lift up spirit instantly.
– Eucalyptus helps provides mind cooling effect.
– Sweet Orange helps generate positive vibration.

Methods of Use:
– Inhale aroma directly from the bottle to refresh overall senses.
– Roll oil roller on a wrist and inhale aroma to refresh overall senses.
– Roll oil roller on the temples and use both thumbs or oil roller itself to massage the temples with slight pressure in order to relieve dizziness.
– Roll oil roller between the eyebrows (between third eye) and massage with middle finger or oil roller itself with slight pressure for about 10 seconds in order to aide sleep.
– Roll oil roller on the base of skull and use both thumbs to press with relatively hard pressure for about 1-2 minutes.