Nubolic Royal Jelly 6%10-HDA 1500 mg (40 capsules)


Size: 40 capsules


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Nubolic Royal jelly 1500 mg 6% 10-HDA

Royal Jelly is a healthful supplement that contains more than 20 vitamins, 17 minerals, and 17 amino acids. Premium from high-quality fresh farms.
Concentrated Nubolic Royal Jelly 1500 mg has many benefits and properties. Rich in essential nutrients for the body, many proteins, and vitamins Packed in premium software such as :
– Vitamin A, B-Complex, C, E, D
– Lecithin lecithin
– Coconut Oil, coconut oil
– 6% 10-HDA
– Amino Acid Amino Acid
How good?
– Balance hormones
– Help to sleep
– Keep your body fresh every time you wake up.
– Reduce migraine headaches
– Nourish the skin to look younger.
– Increase energy to nourish the brain
How to eat royal jelly:
Eat only 1 tablet per day. Choose one of these times.
1. Eat Royal Jelly 30 minutes before meals -> Taking royal jelly before meals will allow the body to better absorb nutrients.
2. Eat royal jelly after meals immediately -> Royal jelly will stimulate the digestive system. And help increase metabolism better
3. Eat royal jelly before going to bed. -> Taking royal jelly before bed