OXE’CURE Dark Spot Clearing Potion


Size: 15ml

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Oxe’cure Dark Spot Clear Potion made with Encapsulated active ingredients, mainly 2% Salicylic Acid.Which, can be effectively treating and reducing the occurrence of acne and leftover dark spots within 6 hours (one night). The formula is mild and will not cause any irritations to the skin. Also helps in controlling and protecting skin from the recurrence of acne as well -Reduces the accumulation of bacteria & dries out acne without leaving post-acne scars. -Exfoliate dead skin cells & visibly reduce size and redness instantly. -Quickly dry out acne & prevent reoccurrence.

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Use with cotton -buds. Dip into the pink flour area. Apply to the acne area


1. 2% Salicylic Acid
2. Niacinamide B3
3. Zinc PCA
4. Aloe Vera Extract