PFER CIDERME Apple Cider Capsules


Size: 30 capsules

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PFER CIDERME Apple Cider Capsules Control Hungry Digestive Support.

Apple cider capsules form with less acidity than the green liquid. We designed it to meet the needs of easy eating. And the taste is more delicious. We also have prebiotics. That helps balance the intestines as well. As for the flavor, we chose Yuzu orange. Because it gives freshness and is high in vitamins Helps nourish the skin and stimulates collagen in the body as well, complete with figure, skin, and excretion.

Benefits :

-Slow down aging

-Help digestion is to help the digestive system Relieve flatulence, flatulence

-HHelps adjust the metabolism to work better

-Helps to lose weight well

-Reduce joint pain

-Helps reduce hunger

-Helps to improve memory

-Helps to reduce belly well

-Helps reduce blood sugar and reduce blood fat cholesterol

How to eat:

  • Take 2 tablets per day.