Provamed Scar Zone Ultra


Size: 10g


Provamed Scarzone Ultra Cream Healing Keloid, Scar, Wound Burn

PROVAMED Scar Zone Advanced Product features: Dermatologically tested. Under license of Vistra Labolaratories Inc., USA. Provamed Scar Zone Advanced is medically proven to help to flatten the scar and is less noticeable, rapidly absorbed, and reduces redness scar. Allium Cepa 15%, nourish and diminish the appearance both of old and new scarsProvamed Scar Zone Advance Effective Plus Formula, helps soften and smoothen scars. Your scars may fade, flat, and reduce visibility. A better result has been created by 15% Allium Cepa extract which promotes new skin cells. AI, AC combined with Vitamin E is suitable for acne scars, lesions scabs, fire burn scars, Keloid scars, and stretch marks.


1. Hypertrophic scars 2. Keloid Scars 3. Atrophic scars


Apply cream and gently massage to scar area 2-3 times daily.