Jelly Pure Underarm Cream


Size: 2 x 50g

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Skincare underarms And deodorant The underarm skin smooth and radiant. Reduce dark circles Reduce inflammation by plucking. Smooth And healthy look very natural. Armpits soft Get your day brighter Smooth skin Deodorant ensures 24.
– Silky smooth skin
– Deodorant ensures 24 hours.
– Inflammation of the plume.
– The spots
– Minimize skin
– Reduce the chicken skin
– Skin looks healthier



Helps tighten pores To hydrate skin. Reduce inflammation of the skin absorbs and absorbs water well. Stimulate the production of collagen. Reduce wrinkles and dark spots.


Strengthen moisture and smooth the skin. Reduce irritation Allergic inflammation of the skin and has anti-bacterial skin. Increase the smoothness And reduce scarring The tender offer is applicable to all high. And all skin problems.


The cells are antioxidants in the human body can not synthesize them. Qualify as albumin Acts to protect tissues from the damaging free radicals that accumulate in the cabin. According to body parts Can inhibit the enzyme tyrosinase in Africa. (Tyrosinase) has, As a result, the pigment of the skin turning from brown to pink and white glow.


Acts on skin color. And skin color has the same tone. Reduce the pigment melanin in the skin.


Inhibit the formation of melanin. The catalyst darker skin, reduce inflammation, burns of the skin. Improves skin firmness.


Is an antioxidant that helps reduce wrinkles, and makes the skin firm and prevents harm from UV radiation of sunlight, and helps the skin cells. Are the collagen. Which is a protein fiber in the dermis that keeps healthy is packed makes skin beautiful. And that vitamin C helps the synthesis of collagen. It has wounds heal faster.