TRUSLEN Coffee Plus


Size: 16 g x 40 sachets

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Start your brilliant day with TRUSLEN coffee, the perfect combination of well-selected nutrients for a great taste and aroma. True Lane Coffee Coffee Coffee Plus, unlike general. The extra amino A sweet, mellow taste with health benefits. Helps control weight and blood sugar levels. Reduce fat and cholesterol Reduces stress and enhance body energy.
Obesity Obese people often have problems with food. Weight Control Coffee is usually forbidden for people who want to lose weight or control their weight. Or even those who have problems with it. Glucose or blood cholesterol, but today, True Lane Coffee Plus can make coffee. A sweet, mellow taste delicious, refreshing, and controlling or reducing weight is the same. Combined with coffee, amino acids, and minerals. Which helps to burn fat.
Build muscles to tighten Reduce fat It also helps the body fresh.

Mixed with hot water 120ml.