Verrumal Solution


Size: 13ml



VERRUMAL Solution For Effective Removal Of Warts Therapeutic.

  • Verrumal is a therapeutic for use in warts with a unique combination of active ingredients. It has been shown that the combined action of fluorouracil and salicylic acid is of particular advantage in the treatment of warts.
  • Fluorouracil takes effect against the pathologically increased cell growth in warts.
  • Salicylic acid softens and dissolves the horny material of warts and as a result, it promotes penetration of the active ingredients at the same time. Dimethylsulphoxide serves as a solubilizer for the active ingredient fluorouracil.
  • A film-forming solution has been chosen as a solvent base to promote penetration of the active ingredients into the warts.
  • After application to the skin, Verrumal forms a firm whitish film after the solvent has evaporated.
Per 100 g Fluorouracil 0.5 g, salicylic acid 10 g, dimethylsulfoxide 8 g
Direction To Use:
Verrumal Solution is applied 2 – 3 times daily to every wart.