Yanhee Veggy Mix Plus Weight Loss


Size: 60 capsules


If you are looking for help to balance the digestive system. Detox the gut thoroughly. Good skin health and anti-aging this one is the formula of Yanhee Hospital, it took more than 2 years to invent and develop this formula.

– With experience taking care of patients in the colonoscopy center, Yanhee Hospital Open for more than 20 years with more than 4,000 patients per month, it is the most famous and largest colon cleansing center in Thailand.

– Morning Glory Extract Morning Glory helps build fiber. And food waste in the intestine Help absorb fat in the intestines. Eliminate toxins in the intestine Reduce constipation

**Because morning glory is High in fiber and Helps to soften the stool Easy excretion from the first time you eat

– Morning Glory is a coarse dietary fiber. No calories, insoluble but can help absorb water Can swell like a sponge

– To increase the amount of food Therefore can act like a broom on the floor to drive clear

– Waste from the body Help the large intestine to move more Helps to eliminate waste from the body without side effects.

– In addition, morning glory is rich in minerals and vitamins, especially carotene. Which is vitamin A And vitamin C as well

– Fortified fiber and food residue Because dietary fiber is a food that does not contain calories. And does not give energy

– Make you feel full Better absorption Strengthen fiber and food waste in the intestines Help excrete waste

– Dietary fiber from Morning Glory helps build fibers and food in the intestines and helps detox

– Detoxification of the colon Removes toxins and bacteria in the colon, absorbing fat.

– Good strain of ginger Helps with blood sugar to normal levels, expels the wind, helps digestion

– Sweat, thus excreting bile, solving colic, tightness, inflation It reduces stomach acid.

– Krachai Licorice helps digestion, nourishes the body, and reduces intestinal peristalsis. Thus, reducing abdominal cramps Strengthen immunity

– Tamarind and Garcinia Accumulation of good fats in the body Trap bad fat Help restore the metabolic structure Help with cholesterol

How to take:

-Take 2 capsules per meal

-Eat 3 times: morning, lunch, and dinner (after meals)