BLEACHING MINERAL Kojic Acid Plus+ Whitening Booster

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แบรนด์: Gluta C&E

Neon Beauty Lotion BLEACHING MINERAL Kojic Acid Plus+ Whitening Booster.

Size: 2 X 500 ml

Bleaching Whitening Lotion, Good for the everyday skin tone of people with sunspots, freckles, or various skin pigmentation throughout the body. Long-term usage may also reduce age spots and skin imperfections.
Kojic Acid & Glutathione Dual Whitening/Bleaching Lotion is suitable for less sensitive skin. It's stronger than regular Glutathione Lotion but gives a similar result.
No hydroquinone, mercury, or harsh chemicals, Proven Safe and very effective. Guaranteed genuine & authentic.
-Deep Cleansing
-Revitalizing & Smoothening

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